Dec. 13 -15, 2023

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Online Webinar Session​

Tips for How to Successfully Enter the Japan Market​ 

Friday, 8 December 2023

16:00~ GMT+9(Japan)

Microsoft Teams​


50 attendees (max capacity)​

This seminar is prepared for international companies who are considering entering the Japanese building and construction markets. ​

Learn essential tips from market research to cultural nuances, ensuring a successful entry. Gain insights on regulatory frameworks, forming local partnerships, and crafting a market-entry strategy. Join us for practical advice and real-world examples to navigate the complexities and thrive in Japan's lucrative market.​

Part 1: Tips for how to successfully enter the Japan Market  (30 min) ​

  • What are the standards required to enter the Japanese construction industry market? ​

  • How to expand your sales in Japan?​

Part 2: “Japan Build”, Japan's leading building & housing exhibition (10 min) ​

  • What to expect at the show​

  • How to register 


Mr. Chrys Kikuchi​

Director of Entry Support Division, ​
IBMF (International Building Materials Forum)​

IBMF Website: ibmf.or.jp/

The International Building Materials Forum (IBMF) champions a healthy market for imported building materials and equipment. They facilitate information exchange among industry players, promoting safe and high-quality environmental performance for consumers. Their diverse membership includes trade and design professionals, as well as public organizations such as embassies and government offices from the United States, Canada, Austria, Germany, and more. ​

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